How To Plan A Fundraising Event

Fundraisers can be great sources of money for an organization or cause and is a popular way of getting higher class individuals involved but it is definitely a time-consuming task. For a fundraiser to be successful, you need extensive planning so here are some steps you definitely need to incorporate into your plan.


Many charitable fundraisers often have more than one goal for their event. For example, a fundraiser is a great way to also get some exposure and gain new publicity, reach out to a new target market, etc. Your goals don’t have to be just about making money. For long term success, you need to make use of each fundraising event appropriately.


Fundraising events can be expensive so to make sure that you make a profit, you need to stay on top of your budget. Make a note of all your possible expenses, from caterers to space rental, staff, invitations, etc. The budget should also keep in mind the ultimate goal so that the amount you raise covers your expenses as well. Keep aside a small percentage of your budget for emergency costs.

The Host Committee

Any fundraising event will have a host committee that will be responsible for contributing substantial amounts to the cause while encouraging others to follow their footsteps. The host committee will not do any running of the event but are still vital to ensuring that it is a success and you have all you need to work with. This committee would ideally be made up of wealthy donors, local celebrities, corporate leaders, etc.

The Audience

You can have a general fundraiser where anyone and everyone is invited but it’s always better to root out your target audiences for maximum effect. Identify who it is you’re trying to reach and who would best be able to help your cause, from parents to younger entrepreneurs.


It’s very important that you pick a sophisticated locale for your event, complete with yarra valley lunch or fine dining options. Your venue might act as a means to an end but it’s vital that you impress your audience from this step itself.


Your next step would be to draw your audiences in through marketing strategies. Make use of your fundraising network, e-mail and media to spread the word. Your host committee will also do a lot of heavy lifting in this area and bring more influential people your way.


After the marketing strategy is in place, you need a sales system for your tickets. Are there flat rates or VIP sections to be taken into account? How will the tickets be shipped if bought online and who will be responsible for the privacy of the incoming information?

Thank You

Everyone in the building, from your volunteers to the main contributors deserve a heartfelt thank you note. Because, for one, it’s the least you could do for their effort and two, you’ll probably be needing them again in the long run for your next fundraiser.

By using these steps, you’ll definitely be able to coordinate a successful fundraising event.

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