Fun Things to Do in Melbourne’s CBD

Melbourne is known to be one of the liveliest cities in Australia. It is stunningly beautiful at daytime and gets even more alive at night. Melbourne’s Central Business District is one of the busiest yet offers tons of wonderful attractions of tourists and locals alike. Experience the real essence of Melbourne with these fun activities to do when you visit that lovely place.

Enjoy Street Performances

This city is popular for its street performances especially on its CBD. You can simply take a stroll out the streets and you can definitely find a spot where you can watch live street performances. The Bourke Street Mall is one of the best places you shouldn’t miss if you really want to catch a big performance. This is one of the best places to discover great new talent, especially if you’re looking for fresh artists.

Ride the City Circle Tram 35

The vintage city circle tram is one of the best ways to explore the city for free. It will take you into a tour around the city, stopping at major landmarks and attractions of Melbourne. You can take your family or friends for a relaxed road tour around Melbourne CBD. However, since these trams are vintage, there are no air conditionings installed in them so be sure to get prepared when you take a ride.

Go for a Food Trip

For foodies out there, this city is a wonderful place to try out different dishes and flavours. Aside from cafes and bars, there are more good places where you can try out local cuisines. Aside from that, you can even take on a cultural food trip with so many types of cuisine available in this bustling city – from Mexican, Chinese, Middle Eastern and many more. Check out one of the best restaurants Collins St Melbourne for a great dining experience you’ll never forget.

Explore Street Art

Street art is one of the defining characteristics of Melbourne. If you’re looking for something to do while strolling the streets, check out the city’s graffiti lanes. Graffiti is much appreciated in this place even though it is still a kind of vandalism. Some of the best lanes to explore are the Hosier Lane, Croft Alley, and Caledonian Lane. It’s fun to explore these lanes at daytime but also a nice pastime at night to relax and unwind after a long day of adventure.

Go Bar Hopping

While cafes and restaurants are a hit at daytime, bars and pubs keep the city alive at night. There are plenty of bar to explore – from street bars, rooftop bars, classy bars and even secret bars. One night is definitely not enough to tour all the bars and pubs in this sleepless city.

Melbourne is definitely a great place to explore whether at day or at night. With so many attractions to visit and things to do, one day is never enough to get the most out of this city bursting with life and beauty.

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